Friday, 26 February 2010



I've been rediculously busy these past two weeks and have found myself in a routine of wake up, design, drink coffee and sleep! I havent had much time to update this blog... but hold tight an update with some pictures of my latest work will be up very soon!

Ive been working with A Wolf At Your Door Records, a few artists on their roster, a few awesome uk bands and have been working on a 30 second flash motion poster; which, in fact took over 48 hours of my life with about 4 hours sleep. It was fairly tiring but its all done now!

Anyway, expect an update of some work at the weekend or early next weekend

In the meantime go on because it is very good for inspiration!

Liam x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ping's Packaging

A brief we received in Uni was to create a packaging design for a chinese food packaging company called Ping's. I had to design the net as well as create a design to go on the package.

We had to keep to a traditional style Chinese takeaway box but the design on the package was not restricted at all.

The way I answered this brief was to create a design for the company that didnt market itself as being cheap and cheerful. I went for an upmarket approach to ensure customers were getting quality for what they purchased.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

My First Post + New Website

So it's 2010 and I finally decided to start a blog! I thought I might as well do what everyone else is doing!

It's 1:30am in the morning and I have just finished designing my new website. Check it out here:
liamflahertydesign website

I am really happy with the outcome of this design. The grid system I used works well and its all real easy to navigate! Why not have a look and let me know what you think!

Anyway, i've got more work to be getting on with. I would love to sleep mind you...

PS - The picture in this post was a quick image manipulation I tried out. I was just playing around with ligthing effects etc.

I'll post some work on here later in the week.
Liam x